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Online Learning Network

On 12 May 2009 by the Bureau

Online Learning Network (OLN) is the unit within the Tasmanian Department of Education which manages the delivery of a range of online programs to students throughout Tasmania and provides support for Learning Services, schools, teachers and students working online.

The eCentre for teachers and the Student Freeway (www.student.education.tas.gov.au) are secure websites that bring together quality digital resources, tools and curriculum materials to support learning and teaching for the Tasmanian Curriculum.

They provide secure online workspaces supporting collaboration and sharing within and between schools.

CELO Online supports schools, teachers and parents in maintaining or improving the engagement and motivation of students who are highly able/gifted.

Programs cover a wide range of learning areas which reflect the diverse talents that students may demonstrate including linguistic, mathematical, visual, spatial and technological.

CELO Online programs enable students who are highly able/gifted from small, rural and isolated schools to communicate and collaborate with ability peers, and others of like mind.

Online Campus is Tasmania’s ‘virtual’ or online school. Its objectives are to provide access to wider educational opportunities in all communities and support rural, isolated and small schools.

For more information on programs offered visit these sites: