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Bringing Parents Up To Speed – Thriving Not Just Surviving Being A Parent!

On 26 August 2010 by admin

NSW Parents’ Council Inc

The NSW Parents’ Council (peak body in NSW representing parents with children at non government schools) and Hills Schools Industry Partnership  (through partnership brokers the aim is to foster a strategic,  whole community approach to supporting young people’s learning and development) have come together to plan an event to coincide with Mental Health month in October 2010.

Feedback from the parents/ principals/ educators/ school counsellors indicates the mental health issues related to young people is of high concern to them and many feel overwhelmed, under resourced and unsure how they can identify and assist young people that may be suffering from mental health problems.

With the growing incidents of youth suffering and being diagnosed with Mental Health issues there appears to be a lack of accessible information & resources for parents/ carers/ schools. This along with the current stigma attached to mental health issues and young people create barriers to addressing the problem.

This afternoon forum which will be held on Saturday November 6, 2010 in Chatswood and will provide parents/ educators/ school counsellors and other members of the community with up to date information on Mental Health issues related to young people (12- 16 years). The focus of this forum will include building resilience in your family, understanding mental health from the experts themselves- young people and providing information on relevant services.

The afternoon will begin with a presentation on adolescent brain development by the Clinical Nurse Consultant at Royal North Shore Hospital. Participants will then be able to choose to attend workshops covering topics such as eating disorders, social networking and Transition Strategies for High School – and Beyond. The forum will conclude with a panel discussion made up of representatives from NSW health, local service providers and young people.

The afternoon will be interactive and offer the audience ‘real’ information/ support and point of contact in their local area. Local relevant services will also attend to provide the audience with a ‘face’ to a service.

For further information please contact Rowena Stulajter, Community Development manager, NSW Parents’ Council on 9955 8276 or email at community@parentscouncil.nsw.edu.au

Read more: http://parentscouncil.nsw.edu.au/