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Children And Social Anxiety

On 26 August 2010 by admin

Social Phobia tends to start during adolescence. According to Montgomery (1995), approximately 40% of social phobias start before the age of 10 and approximately 95% before the age of 20. The early onset of social phobia can have serious consequences for a child’s social and academic development.

If left untreated, social anxiety can lead to increased risk of: alcoholism, drug abuse, developing further psychological problems and even suicide. Therefore, it is important not to dismiss a child’s anxiety by saying they’ll grow out of their excessive shyness /self consciousness as many will not without (1) appropriate assistance from other people such as parents, other family members and teachers and (2) treatment by a mental health professional.

  • How do I know if my child has social anxiety?
  • What Can Teachers Do To Help The Socially Anxious Child?
  • What parents can do to help the socially anxious child and/or adolescent?

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