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McGorry Criticises Mental Health Announcement

On 26 August 2010 by admin

Robert Burton-Bradley, news.com.au, July 27, 2010

Prof McGorry said it was “great” that Ms Gillard was committed to tackling mental health if elected. However, he said the investments were “off scale and off focus” by failing to identify the priorities raised in the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission’s final report.

“People need places to go where there is real support, at the moment 700,000 young people are currently locked out of access to care and these small investments in awareness and promotion don’t reduce waiting times,” he said.

Professor McGorry said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s $1.2 billion commitment to mental health was superior to the Government’s, but still needed to focus more on improving access to services for those dealing with mental illness and those at future risk.

“The Coalition’s policy is much more up to the mark in terms of scale, it’s four times bigger and it does focus on the most urgent priorities facing Australia’s with mental health; young people aged 12 – 25 with emerging disorders is the biggest area where focus is needed,” he said.

“There are some areas that look positive, but they have not really taken up the challenge of re-engineering and rebuilding mental health strategy in Australia and in particular in relation to young people who bear the brunt.

“I would urge the Prime Minister to add to her investments. She is trying to give the impression this is important, but it’s not enough of an investment.”

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