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Mindful Parenting Reduces Stress, Aids Communication

On 12 May 2009 by the Bureau

Helping your child at home is just one, albeit important, job for parents who are mindful of their role as their child’s ‘first and ongoing educators’.  But like many aspects of being a parent it takes time, skill and empathy to do the job well … and it’s not always plain sailing.

I came across this article by Alyssa Martina that reflects on how we might maximise the pleasure and minimise the stress of the parenting adventure, especially in those early stages when parenting is a very full-on job.

Mindfulness is having a heightened presence of mind. It means moment-to-moment awareness through paying attention, being intentional, focusing on the here and now. Applying mindfulness to parenting yields positive results for parent and child. Engaging in “mindful parenting” allows for deeper, more meaningful connections with your children and relieves a lot of the stresses associated with parenting. Being a mindful parent means allowing a clear awareness of the present moment to guide your activities, communications, experiences and decisions as a parent. Mindful parenting, when practiced correctly, leads to calmer responses. Mindfulness in parenting ushers in a sense of control over how you will respond in any number of circumstances. It allows you to focus on the choices you have in responding to any given situation.