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Moving Forward To A Better Health System

On 26 August 2010 by admin

Julia Gillard, forum of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia, 27 July 2010

Today I announce a comprehensive package of measures to tackle suicide and promote better mental health in our community.

A re-elected Gillard Labor Government will invest $277 million to support our communities, our schools, our health services and our carers to do more to identify and prevent suicide.

Our comprehensive package will target four key areas – (1) frontline services for those most at risk (2) direct prevention and crisis intervention (3) services targeted to men and (4) looking after kids, both those at risk and generally building their resilience.

We will boost frontline services in communities for people at greatest risk of suicide in our community, by providing:

  • Fourth, we will promote resilience and good mental health for both our young children and our young people, by:
    • expanding services to improve children’s resilience by teacher and parent training to a further 1,700 primary schools.
    • training frontline health and community workers to better identify and support children with serious mental health, developmental and behavioural issues
    • giving young people who are reluctant or unable to access face-to-face mental health services an online alternative through which to seek help

Making progress in preventing suicide and improving mental health will not just take investment, but it will also take reform.

If re-elected, a Gillard Labor Government will move forward, with a different perspective, a Labor perspective grounded in our view that comprehensive health reform is the starting point for better mental health services.

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