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Reach Out

On 26 August 2010 by admin

Reach Out is a web-based service that aims to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people aged 14-25 years by providing them with information, support and skills development and by working with health professionals to strengthen the pathways between online and community based service delivery.

The aim of Reach Out is to improve the mental health and wellbeing of Australian young people.

Reach Out’s key objectives are:

  • To increase mental health literacy amongst young people aged 14-25 years
  • To increase resilience amongst young people aged 14-25 years
  • To increase help seeking behaviour amongst young people aged 14-25 years

Inspire Foundation identifies six principles as being crucial to achieving the objectives above. These are:

  • Young people have the right to be involved in decision-making processes that directly affect them, and are able to help themselves and others through tough times.
  • The involvement of young people in Reach Out will enhance the quality of the service Inspire Foundation delivers.
  • For Reach Out to be able to improve a young person’s mental health and wellbeing, the young person must know that Reach Out exists, and see it as relevant in their lives.
  • All information on Reach Out is based on the most up-to-date mental health research and best practice service delivery.
  • The Inspire Foundation uses technology to continue to use innovative ways of delivering mental health information to young people.
  • To reach young people Inspire Foundation must be present in the environments in which young people interact.

Read more: http://au.reachout.com/