Safe Schools Hub

Safe Schools Hub was launched in March this year with the publication of Safe Schools Toolkit<http://www.safeschoolshub.edu.au/safe-schools-toolkit/overview>. In addition to the Toolkit, the hub now includes a professional learning module<http://www.safeschoolshub.edu.au/safe-schools-toolkit/professional-learning/> for specialist staff in schools and a section for parents<http://www.safeschoolshub.edu.au/for-parents>.
The Safe Schools Hub<http://www.safeschoolshub.edu.au/home> is underpinned by the National Safe Schools Framework, which aims to ensure that all Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student wellbeing. The project is funded by the Australian Government, working in partnership with state and territory governments, the non-government school sectors and Education Services Australia.

As we progress into the next year, additional resources will be made available, including:

·         professional learning modules for teachers and school leaders

·         professional learning modules for pre-service teachers

·         information and resources for students
I urge you to please spread the word about Safe Schools Hub via your networks, websites and newsletters where possible. I’m attaching a handy insert and tailored flyers that you can use to promote Safe Schools Hub within your community. The collateral is also available on our website on the Media Downloads<http://www.safeschoolshub.edu.au/resources-and-help/Media-downloads> page.