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Schools & Cyber Safety

On 29 June 2010 by admin


The Budd:e E-Security Education Package is part of the broader Government e-security initiative aimed at creating a safer online environment for all Australian children.

Budd:e examines the risks people take online everyday and the possible consequences. Budd:e also educates the user about the technical and behavioural measures to adopt to help reduce risk and improve online security; security for people, for internet enabled-devices and for personal data.

The Budd:e E-Security Education Package consists of two activity-based learning modules, one for primary and one for secondary school students. Both modules contain engaging, media rich activities and resources developed in consultation with teachers and subject matter experts.

Read more: https://www.staysmartonline.gov.au/budd-e/primary/main.php

School Websites

It makes sense for schools to develop a strong web presence, to provide both a secure starting point for students as they explore the internet, and as a source of information for the school community.

Mount Lawley Senior High School includes a page on cybersafety on its website that not only explains the issues but also provides basic security actions for students, advice on how to report concerns and links to further information for students, parents and teachers.

Read more: http://www.lawley.wa.edu.au/community/cybersafety.asp

<>Cyber-safety Agreements

The South Australian Department of Education provides templates for  Cyber-Safety use agreements, which define the rights, responsibilities and expectations of shcools, students and parents with regard to using cyber technology.

Sample Cyber-Safety use agreement for Preschool to Year 4 children:http://www.decs.sa.gov.au/docs/documents/1/CybersafetyPreschooltoYea.doc
Sample Cyber-Safety use agreement for Primary/Middle Years students:http://www.decs.sa.gov.au/docs/documents/1/CybersafetyUserPrimarymid.doc 
Sample Cyber-Safety use agreement for Secondary Years Students:http://www.decs.sa.gov.au/docs/documents/1/CybersafetyUserSecondaryY.doc

<>National, state and territory cybersafety policies

Explanations of and links to information about the policies affecting school education delivery across Australia. Where possible, links are provided to public and private schooling information.

Go to:http://www.cybersmart.gov.au/Schools/Cybersafety%20policies%20and%20procedures/National%20or%20state%20and%20territory%20policies.aspx