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The Knowledge Loom

On 21 September 2009 by the Bureau

In the Spotlight: School, Family, Community Partnerships

Children move between two influential environments that build attitudes and readiness for learning: the home and the school. Family involvement research clearly demonstrates that children thrive academically when the family and the school agree that they are stronger together than apart.

Schools and homes that share philosophies, resources, goals, information, and the hard work of teaching give children the stability, consistency, and encouragement they need for academic success.

Family involvement has proven to work regardless of the educational context, the age of the child, or the family’s situation and experiences. From preschool to high school, family involvement accelerates learning, although it takes on different forms.

Organizations with strong ties to urban America believe that family involvement can help low income and minority children transcend the educational barriers. Major initiatives such as Head Start, Even Start, and the Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration program require family involvement as a core element, as crucial to academic success as an effective curriculum.

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